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Blog: Guitars by Emily

Graduation, professionalism, and the real world?

Just over a week ago, I completed the final requirement for my master’s degree in music. Although I have not yet received the official piece of paper telling me this, I am no longer a student and am consequently¬†adjusting to the idea that I might now be a fully formed “adult.” This realization has brought […]

New Workspace (#3)

I have posted pictures of my makeshift workshops a couple times on this blog.¬†The first was my carpeted basement studio apartment¬†when I first moved to Ottawa in 2014. Here I was building on my dresser, kitchen table, and in my closet. Then, last spring, I moved to a one bedroom apartment. This presented a different […]


I was planning to write part 4 of the ukulele construction series today, however, something else came up¬†today in my guitar lesson that started me thinking about something completely different. I will probably return to the ukulele series next week or “whenever the spirit moves me.” Reflections on¬†my upcoming recital and graduation Today was the¬†last […]