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Learning the Art of Lutherie

"Growing up, I spent a good amount of my time in two places at my parents' home: the kitchen and the basement workshop. My parents were equally patient with me as I learned to create things to eat (notice I did not say they were edible) and create things out of wood (the number of "pasta makers," "boxes," and other inventions that I made would fill a small room). I can proudly say now that I have successfully mastered the basic crafts of cooking and woodworking, although both continue to be a source of continual learning and enjoyment for me.

My father is a hobbyist luthier, and has built 8 wonderful guitars, including the classical that I currently play (an incredibly well balanced and beautiful rosewood and spruce guitar). I was fortunate enough to learn both guitar playing and guitar construction under his patient tutelage (his patience is a continual source of wonderment to me as I am an incredibly stubborn person) prior to attending the University of Western Ontario for my undergraduate degree.

I have moved my small workshop around with me over the past few years, and have built a few guitars along the way. Recently I have been fortunate enough to move to my own home which has space to accommodate a permanent workshop."

Please peruse this page of Emily's website to see the guitars that she has built, and read her blog to follow her current projects.



Your opportunity for a unique instrument

If you are interested in helping me pursue my building career, please consider commissioning a guitar from me! For pricing, building questions, or other inquiries, please contact me using the form below or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!


Classical Guitar No. 018 – Rosewood back and sides with sound port

Rosewood Classical Guitar

“Madimi” Zodiac Rosette


Stradivarius “Rawlins” copy


Maple and Engelmann Spruce Steel-String Acoustic


Steel String Acoustic Headstock


“Olivia” Classical Guitar (Purpleheart, Walnut, and Flamed Maple)


Classical Guitar 013 (Carved Ebony Headstock)

Carved Ebony headstock

Stradivarius “Rawlins” copy


“Madimi” Flamed Maple back and sides, Ebony binding, Birdseye Maple centre stripe


“Olivia” Classical Guitar Headstock


“Madimi” Bearclaw Engelmann Spruce soundboard


Listen – Indian Rosewood and German Spruce Classical Guitar 013

Listen – Maple and Engelmann Spruce Steel String Acoustic

Listen – Stradivarius “Rawlins” copy