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Emily is currently accepting new students for guitar, piano, and theory. Emily moved to Ottawa in the summer of 2014 and has since built a thriving studio of approximately 25 incredible students. Emily recently graduated from her master's degree (2016) and is working full time as a teacher, musician, and luthier in Ottawa. She has also recently moved to an exciting new location where she has more space to build and teach.

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Guitar Lessons in Ottawa

Emily has experience teaching all ages and levels of guitar. She has a passion for working with students to meet individual needs and goals. Emily offers guitar lessons in Ottawa out of a private studio in her home. For more of an idea of how she works as a teacher, please read the testimonials below from students.

Although her performance career is focused on the classical guitar, Emily is comfortable working with students on many styles of music. Many of her students focus on acoustic guitar playing or chord-accompaniment for vocals while others focus on Classical, or Fingerstyle guitar styles. 



Piano Lessons in Ottawa


"Although I have focused my studies on classical guitar performance for my bachelor and master's degrees, I have started to make piano a part of my life again. I have recently moved (2016) to a new home that has room for an acoustic piano, so I have returned to more regular piano practise. I completed my grade 10 piano with Conservatory Canada while I was in high school, and I am looking forward to completing my conservatory studies with an ARCT or ACCM designation in the next several years.

In 2010, I auditioned and was accepted to undergraduate programs in both piano and guitar. However, in the end, I decided to pursue guitar because of the smaller program size and the intimacy of the instrument. As I mentioned before, I completed my grade 10 piano certification while I was in high school (in February 2009). For both my grade 9 and 10 piano examinations I was awarded the Canada-wide medal for Excellence from Conservatory Canada for achieving the highest mark in those examinations across Canada." - Emily



Emily is currently accepting beginner and intermediate level piano students into her studio. Emily is an experienced teacher with many years of experience teaching piano, guitar, solfege, theory, and swimming. Emily offers flexible scheduling and loves working with students to achieve goals. She teaches out of her home studio which is located in the Hunt Club-Ottawa Airport neighbourhood.


Tutoring for Theory, History, Solfege, and Ear Training

Emily has a strong background in musicianship skills and music theory (conservatory and university training in theory, harmony, counterpoint, and composition), so she encourages all students to become comfortable with note-reading, fretboard harmony, and the rudiments of music. Emily is able to prepare students for all levels of theory and music history examinations through the aforementioned music conservatories. Emily is comfortable tutoring university level music students in solfege, music theory, harmony, and counterpoint.



Further details concerning lessons

Conservatory based curriculum

As a classically trained guitarist and pianist Emily is familiar with both the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada, and is able to prepare classical students for examinations through these institutions. Many students also chose a different path (often non-conservatory), opting to explore other styles of music and set goals on an individual basis, which is equally challenging and rewarding.

Performance Opportunities

As a performing artist herself, Emily strongly believes that some of the greatest musical development comes from performing in front of an audience. Emily currently holds two annual recitals for students (one each in December and June). As a board member of the Ottawa Guitar Society, she also encourages her classical students to participate in monthly open mic nights. 

Pricing and Policies

For studio policies and lesson pricing, please view this PDF: Lesson Policies.


Send Emily an email at or use the contact form below if you have any questions.


Thoughts from Students


"In terms of my musical background, I did Grade 4 violin when in my teens but quit due to frustration, and then was a self-taught electric guitar hobbyist for 27 years. I have been working with Emily for the better part of a year. When I decided to return to classical music in adult life, I was initially hesitant because of prior bad experiences with violin teachers. I was pleased to discover that Emily is encouraging, reassuring, and supportive. She welcomes questions and answers with confidence. I very quickly learned to relax and enjoy my guitar lessons with her. She is punctual, professional, and excellent at giving constructive feedback. I was initially reluctant to play at the recital she organizes for her students, but found that the overall atmosphere was calm, friendly, and welcoming. I think I can say that all her students, young and old, enjoyed the recital and that the experience was thoroughly positive for everyone involved. Emily has a genuine and infectious love for music and is both an outstanding performer and educator. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone thinking of studying classical guitar. If you want your child to learn to love music, or if you have unfulfilled ambitions of your own, Emily is definitely the teacher to work with."
- Classical Guitar Student - March 2016 - Richard Sembera, M.A., Dr. Phil., M.Ed.


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