Completed Guitar No. 027

It has been quite a while since I last wrote or did anything with this website. I have said that before, but I think this might be a new record! The last post was back in 2022, so I managed to miss an entire year… turns out renovations and full time mothering take quite a bit of time away from everything else. Despite that, I managed to slowly plug away at finishing my 27th guitar. I thought that I would share a few pictures of this guitar today.

You may remember this guitar from a previous post. The soundboard is spruce with a multi-piece back (padauk, wenge and mahogany), and multipiece sides (padauk and wenge). The headstock veneer, rosette and bridge follow that modern choppy mosaic aesthetic with pieces of the same woods and a few thin veneer lines in white and brown.

The guitar has a maple neck with a raised fingerboard and a soundport with a magnetic cover. Bracing is a new fan pattern with a few intersecting cross braces for strength. I was very happy with the sound of this guitar and it plays with remarkable ease. I’ll probably repeat this bracing pattern on the next guitar.

So, with that, I’m onto the next build! Of course I’m also in the middle of building my dream workshop and a few other things… more on that later. I’ll try to write a few posts about the dream/design/build of the workspace as it continues to come together. Hopefully I’ll be building many instruments in this space in the years to come. It might take me another year to get it all put together in between everything else, but it will happen.

All of this to say: I’m still here! Just a bit quieter than before. Thanks for reading, as always.


    1. Thanks Darren! Definitely haven’t given up, although some days it looks like I have. I have 2 more guitars to build in the next year or two. While blogging won’t be top priority, I’ll try to have some presence here on the website. Hope you’re doing well with your own projects!

  1. It’s so nice to get an update. I had been wondering how you were and also thought I might have somehow lost connection with your blog and would not be able to find it again. Great to see your work continuing through motherhood. Congratulations.

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